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RCG Creations have proven experience in providing Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions for schools. If you currently have a PBX phone system installed and are at the limit for capacity, or are simply wanting a quote for budget considerations, don’t hesitate to get in contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Benefits of having a VoIP-based solution:

Cost Savings. When you are able to step away from public switched telephone networks, phone calls become cheaper as data is able to travel over the internet or over a private data network.

Phone Portability. Traditionally you have been tied down to the single phone sitting on your desk with PABX. Now with VoIP there are apps that allow any call to be redirected to a smartphone allowing complete portability for your work extension number.

User Control Interface. VoIP allows complete usability through a centralised user control panel. Numbers and extensions can be changed on-the-fly and update instantly by automatically pushing settings remotely to user VoIP phones.

Follow Me Call Routing. This conveniently allows mobile workers to set up a list of phone numbers for calls to be redirected to before going to voice mail. This means that your office phone could ring twice, twice in your classroom, upon which it would finally route to voice mail.

Hold Music. Ever felt like constant ringing isn’t professional enough? With VoIP you can easily configure music to play while callers are put on hold.

Detailed Reporting. Wondering why your phone bill is getting high? With the integrated User Control Interface you can get full reports of calls sent and received, if they were local, or to cellphones.

Call Screening. All VoIP phones supplied come with a Digital Display that is able to show the incoming number allowing you to screen your incoming calls. Pesky sales person keeps calling? No problems. Just hit hang up.

Auto Attendant. Have parents ringing into your school? Auto attendant is a premium VoIP service that enables  parents to get to where they want to quickly by interacting with a numerical, voice aided menu.

Conferencing. Have an issue with a student, thanks to conferencing you can have multiple staff members in on a call to a parent.

Do not disturb. This does exactly what it’s name implies. Do not disturb can send phone calls directly to voice mail, or simply stop your phone from ringing.


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